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Prophetic Words

Prophetic Information Ministries is a place where people can
come to get Information! Each word that you read here you
must Pray for truth, and Judge and desern each for your self.

Prophetic Messages


Prophet Tom Deckard -  Cradle of Hope


Pastor Leo Strathman
 Church of the Coming King


  • Quotes from converted Muslim's letters to Pastor Leo Strathman:

    ....Hello brother I saw a flood come with revival. and I saw you are standing in between in the revival flood. and I saw woman she is middle in height and she was standing with you at your's right side.she give the good news to peoples in that revival flood.and you carry the lots of bibles and crowns and lots of white clothes for the peoples. and peoples crying with tears and ask you for more more blessings. many want take
    the bibles many want take the clothes. but you are the man who love the peoples in that revival flood....

    .... Please let me know how I can be part of your's team in Afghanistan. I feel in my heart we stand with you for reach the more peoples. you a man who give the fire in Afghanistan. and now keep it burning. don't stop it. Evils want stop you.because I saw some peoples are in planning to stop this work. but I know they can't do that because this work is God work....

    ....we are happy to receive the bibles but how we can receive the Flyers and more bibles. we need above 70 thousands flyers. please let us know how we can receive the Flyers.peoples love to know about more....

    ....the 200 bibles and Flyers are going to different areas. brother. please help me for more understanding. I want teach the peoples about word of God. when you will send me another bibles please sir teach me and send me in last days.  Many peoples was died in our areas. we are worried they died with out salvation.....

    ....many greetings brother  we are in prayer for more bibles and for more 
    really god know it peoples are really hungry for word
    of God. they want know the truth. I was told you I need + 700 bibles but now we need near one thousands. because many more come to us. we not asking you for another thing not for money not gold. we need to know the truth. because we know time is enough in hand of God. I
    was study the Flyers and I come to the point. what is really. please send us bibles please do it as soon as you can. because we know time
    is very short in our hands. please stand with us for this great work....

    ....I'm wondering to see you here in our city too. I was attend yours crusade in 2010. but when I saw yours Flyers with a great  God is mighty to use you in mighty ways. brother, please prayer for my family and all of my friends. here in our city very bad time. peoples kill each others. please prayer. I saw lots of peoples carried yours flyers and going on in streets. please prayer for them for more blessings....
    ....I want write you more in next email.I want send you all reports about our city
    . because I really like yours preaching. I was saw you personal
    I was listen you personally. I saw with my eyes. God doing great work through you. I want give this testimony to Muslims. thank you brother....
    ....Hello dear brother many greetings brother last week 87 peoples was saved from my family and friends, every body praying like this what you was told me...."Jesus I repent of all my sins and I ask you Jesus to come into my heart and be my Savior, my Lord, my King.  I accept
    what you did on the Cross as full payment for my sins.  Then say; I am born again and I am saved and when I die I will go to heaven and my name is being written in the Book of life in Heaven now."  brother now we are ready to do work for Kingdom of God. can you accept us as member of yours team.can you send us some bibles ? we are waiting yours answer.... all of my family members want know more about Jesus Christ. please send us more Flyers and bibles we want go to our relatives and give them information about Jesus. here in our areas
    lots of Peoples are happy about work of Jesus. we never see before the same miracles but we saw in video there are lots of miracles with Jesus. healing with Jesus. please help us for healing. we want tell the peoples about Jesus. I want go tomorrow to my sisters and give the bibles and flyers....
    ....Hello dear Brother and sister, greetings. dear brother thanks for more bibles now all our family members are saved in blood of Jesus
    Christ. and some my neighbor families are saved too. brother we need more bibles for my Muslims friends. I was share with them and all
    they are very interested to learn about Jesus, they want learn about Bible. please help them for save souls.... fire in my heart now last night I was crying and ask Lord I want save peoples with Bibles. I was alone in my house and I was crying and I feel a power in heart in my side. now I want work with yours team. please write me back soon as you can. we need 300 to 600 bibles
    for my village....

    ....Hello dear brother many greetings. brother.  I was go to the contact person, and he was told me all bibles are distributed already but we have 7 thousands Flyers for you. today I was get 7 thousands flyers, but not Bibles. please send us 700 bibles for families. please Mercy on my village peoples. I ready to leave the Village but before I leave village I want introduce the Peoples about Jesus.... 
, you are very kind man and merciful man, please help peoples with Bibles this is mercy on them for Go to heaven. not in Hell. please brother do something for my village peoples. send me reply. thanks....

    ....we want know about Jesus Christ. please prayer and ask Lord lead us about Jesus. we want leave the Quran. we know we are in end time. we was reading yours small papers. its really true what you speaked there. please prayer for us....

    ....Greetings from me and from my today me and my wife was called to many women and many children for show them Projector Show. 9 children and 41 women was saved. all women was crying when they seen the Video. Jesus was on cross. every body crying Children are crying. and they ask we want accept the Jesus. His blood come from Cross for all of Us. we want to go in Heaven for see the Jesus....
    ....last night from 94 peoples there are 26 peoples was saved with tears after see the video. passion of Christ. . but we are worried we don't know when peoples will stand against us. please do soon what you can. we finished the Flyers. now I wish to send more Flyers to another friends they working with us. I want send Bibles to all of them....

    ....We are Muslims; yes brother I feel in my heart I'm save and new born in Christ. please continue prayer for us. for our family and for me
    I don't take the gun in my hands.  every day I want read the word of God. we need more bibles for our friends I want tell them please stop to killing and come to Jesus....

    ....Hello brother I'm a Quran preacher man. today I got the chance to write you a email. brother really I wish to save my self. and I wish to save my friends and all my cousins.... our town there are 400 +  families. we want show them that video there is Jesus on cross. and blood come from his body. I know all villages peoples will saved. pastor stand with us for save the village. because all peoples are respect to my dad. if some one not fellow him. my dad give him punishment. but after listen yours message now he don't want do that....

    ....(This is the one who was in his room crying for days and work with Osama Bin Laden and now wants to go back and save them.  Jesus made a big impact on his life.  He even cut his hair and shaved his beard!  Brave man to go back to this group!  Pray for him.  He has a burden for the lost.)  Please prayer for my older brother. he is in room from last night. after read the small paper from you he was inside the room and crying crying just crying. he was killed 13 peoples on road side. and take money from them. but now he was  inside the room he don't want come outside he crying . last night he was through his gun.and ask to my mom please prayer for me God forgive me what I was
    did in my life. please help him please help him in understanding what you write in that papers....

    ....please prayer for all of us. my dad want accept the Jesus He want leave the Islam. he was read the flyers and also He watch the projector show there is a man who was on cross. is that Jesus ?.please we are family members and total person above 137 peoples with children, please prayer for us. today my dad was crying he want accept the Jesus. he want touched with yours preaching.... last night I was thinking if you will send me one thousands bibles. it mean God want save 52000 peoples in my areas.please
    brother try to send me soon because all peoples are hungry for bibles and some peoples against me. they don't want I do this work please help me soon I want finish the work for God. try to send me soon as you can. because I want reach all of them they will go in heaven. please brother try to soon send me....

    A Revival Flood Of Muslim Conversions In The Middle East

    The Unified Help of Church Leaders Is Urgently Needed

    Attention: Church Leaders and All Believers,
    There is a critical need for Bibles and Gospel pamphlets for Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Middle
    Eastern countries who find Bible truths more acceptable than the Quran and the Gospel far more compelling than the teachings of Islam. For more complete information and some detailed explanations of this amazing development, please open and read the attached testimonies.
    Pastor Leo Strathman of the Coming King Church in Seneca, Kansas has established a fruitful outreach in
    these countries through his evangelistic Christian television program that has led to the conversion of untold thousands of former Muslims who are now begging for Bible materials to be used to convert thousands more of their countrymen to Christianity.
    Even those who have yet to be converted to Christianity in Arab countries are seeking Bibles and flyers in
    their language that will enable them to better understand how the teachings of Jesus Christ are more relevant to their spiritual needs and can empower them to live a more abundant life. A former associate of Osama Bin Laden who has been responsible for the deaths of many people read one of Pastor Strathman's flyers and then spent many days in tearful repentance, accepted Christ, and began a totally transformed life.
    Pastor Strathman hopes that God will lay it on your heart to help support this outreach to the thousands in
    Muslim countries who are begging for Bibles and flyers in their language, and who represent the largest group of unsaved people in the 10/40 window of the world. Pastor is willing to speak and share what God is doing by personal appearance at the locations of interested churches and organizations. He also would appreciate your prayers for his efforts to sell the farmlands he owns in Kansas to raise funds for more Bibles and Gospel fliers.
    All financial support will be used by his ministry to print and distribute Arabic language Bibles and materials to many Middle Eastern countries by his staff in those areas.
    Please send offerings for this work to Church of the Coming King, Box 88, Seneca, Kansas, 66538, or call
    either, 785-336-2655, or cell#, 785-336-1137 for further information. He can also be reached by E-mail at:, or at his website at .
    "Don't you have a saying, 'It's still four months until harvest'? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields!  They are ripe for harvest." John 4:35


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