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 Teaching on God's Prophetic Order

God is a God of Order, therefore everything that He speaks or will speak is done with order. This is true going back to the genesis of mankind. On each particular day of creation, He orderly created the heavens and the earth. When He speaks, every Word God speaks is spoken in order. This is why a prophet may receive a Word from God, but has to wait the orderly time and season to bring it forth. Otherwise, the Word will be spoken prematurely or from a prophet of whom God did not intend to speak. Not every Word that is heard from God is to be spoken. As a prophet you have to know if God wants you or another prophet to speak. Never be eager to speak a Word to anyone! This is a trick in which the powers of darkness uses to cause a prophet to be out-of-order. Wait until God speaks through you, even if it means holding or pondering the prophetic word. 

If the prophetic word is to be spoken, it will come forth! This was the case with Jeremiah. The Word was so alive within him that when he tried to hold it in, it was like fire within his bones. However Ezekiel said he would stand watch to see what God wanted him to speak to the people. Either way, what is spoken must be done in order. 

Order also is seen among the prophets. Seasoned prophets should be more wiser and more experienced in the Prophetic Word. God uses more seasoned prophets who have not become contaminated, to speak with clarity and accuracy the Word of God. However, God can and often does call an unseasoned prophet to prophesy, as in the case of the Prophet Amos, (who was not a prophet originally, but a fruit farmer) to speak what He normally would give to a more seasoned prophet. Order in the prophetic is determined only by God.  God shifts that order sometimes to keep those who are seasoned humble, and so that we will know that what we speak, we have no authority to speak, and can have no idea what to say, unless God through us speaks!

Then there are cases where seasoned prophets are used to correct the errors of those who are new to the prophetic mantle. When this happens, the unseasoned prophet should seek clarity from God, and use the wisdom of those who no doubt have made the same or similar mistakes as they have grown in the prophetic mantle. However, again when seasoned prophets become arrogant and contaminated, God also will use unseasoned prophets to correct them. All of it is about knowing that we are no more than vessels and mouth pieces. Therefore none of us are "all that". I like to think of it as being mail carriers. We only carry and deliver God's mail - not write or create it. This in and of itself should keep us in divine prophetic order. 


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