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Why Do We Ask for a Donation?

    Your donations play a vital role in assisting this ministry in advancing the Kingdom of God. We do not do this alone.  It is God working through people like you that makes soul winning possible.  If God has given you the desire to support a ministry that is reaching out to the lost, I ask that you please support this ministry on an ongoing basis.  In this way we “bear much fruit” together.  No gift is too small or too large.  We pray that God will bless because of your faithfulness to hear His voice and to respond.  


    Understanding a Prophet’s Reward: (See below)

    “We will see the manifested presence of God and signs and
    wonders and miracles will follow.”

    We want to Thank You for your support
    in Saving the Souls of God's people.

Make A Donation Today!
If you would like to bless Prophetic Information Ministries
with a gift, you can do so in one of four ways:

1. Donate Online 
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Thank you for your friendship and support!

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2. Mail Your Donation

Mailing Address:
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4. Other Ways to Give:

Gifts of Precious Metals
You may give by donating your precious metals.  Your gifts of Precious Metals must include an acceptable certificate of value to validate its fair exchange value on the date of your donation. 

Gifts of Stock
You may give by donating your public company stock.  A charitable deduction through a gift of stock may enable you to avoid capital gains taxes. 

Gifts of In Kind Donations
You may give by donating your non-monetary tangible gifts.  Please note that all gifts other than precious metals must be pre-approved by P rophetic Information Ministries prior to shipping.

Gifts of Bequests
A bequest is a gift of personal property at the time of death which is directed by the provisions of a will.  You may make a distribution through a living will, a trust, or life insurance policy.

We Thank you for your generosity.  
Please make Money Orders or Checks payable to:
MinisterRobert Lee Williams

Thank you and God Bless You All!

    Understanding a Prophet’s Reward:

    Since the time of Christ supporters of the gospel have financed the ministries of those who dedicate themselves to kingdom work. It’s nothing new or novel or controversial.

    Ministries like God's Miracle Ministry are on the cutting edge of the electronic
    frontier making the gifts of God available on a global scale.

    We are so grateful for those who give and support us. The scriptures make special promises to those who support prophetic ministry and underwrite their efforts.
    You will receive the prophet’s reward.

    We minister over every request that comes in including those who choose not to donate. Because of the large volume of requests it isn’t possible to minister individually over every one. Those unable to donate are ministered to through a “call out” or group word or. If you have ever sat in a congregation and been ministered to or called out in this way you know what to expect.


    The gifts of God are not for sale. In return for your faithfulness in what you have to give we in return share with you what we have to give. If you cannot give or choose not to we will still faithfully minister to you according to our ability.

    Giving is a scriptural act of faith when approaching a prophet to receive ministry.
    The ministry of the prophet is the only “5 – fold ministry” gift that Jesus specifically mentioned with regard to giving and offerings (See
    Matthew 10:41).

    We make prophetic & miracle ministry available in the name of Jesus who gave us EVERYTHING. It is only appropriate and honorable that those receiving ministry give something back. It does require faith on your part to give something of yourself when you want to hear from the Father. Where your treasure is there will your heart be also. In other words those who treasure prophetic & miracle healing gifting will without prompting joyfully and sacrificially support it. If that is not your natural response and understanding then Prophetic Information Ministries is probably not for you. If you don’t understand why you should give to prophetic ministry then
    don’t let us persuade you. Listen to your heart.

    King David said he would not transact with the Father at no cost to himself.  Paul said it is ordained that those who preach the gospel should live (receive offerings) of the gospel. God's Miracle Ministry supports full time ministers.
    This isn’t our hobby or mere past time.

The scriptures tell us we are not to “come before the Lord empty-handed”
Ex. 23:15; Ex. 3:21; Deut. 16:16.

When the prophets were approached in biblical times offerings were brought beforehand (2 Kings 8:8-9).

Jesus himself said “the laborer is worthy of his hire” (wages due for services rendered) (Matthew 10:10).

Paul taught extensively on this type of giving as necessary support for a gospel minister
1 Cor. 9:9-14).

In Old Testament times those seeking prophetic words were very careful to bring an offering with them (1 Sam. 9:7).

Many quote Matt. 10:8 out of context when they demand ministry without an accompanying offering. The words “freely ye have received freely give” if you look the word “freely” up in the original language it means “undeserved”. We don’t turn any one away, regardless if they are saved, unsaved, whatever their gender or ethnicity we will seek the Father’s voice in their behalf. 

When you donate in expectation of receiving a prophetic word or a creative miracle, you are making a direct investment into your future and your spiritual wellbeing.

It isn’t the way ‘things are done’ traditionally. If you want what you’ve never had before, you must do what you have never done before. Otherwise you have no legitimate expectation of things changing in your life.

We are sure you would agree with the words of Jesus, ‘the workman is worthy of his hire’.

A word from the Father should have some value attached to it.  Therefore we ask for a token of your faith and appreciation in support of this work.

1 Corinthians 9:11 – If we have sown spiritual things for you [i.e. a prophetic word], is it a great thing if we reap your material things [a financial gift to help us advance the kingdom]?

There are those occasions we do respond to requests that do not donate beforehand. We treat these as ‘call out’ words such as a prophetic minister would do standing before a group of people or a congregation. We don’t want to leave anyone out whether they donate or not. But we believe that the transaction of faith to give a donation and receive a word from the Father is how we are directed to proceed.

We thank you from the heart for your partnership in these efforts and hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you in the prophetic and healing ministry .

Minister Robert Lee Williams   Prophetic Information Ministries & God's Miracle Ministry

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