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A Ministry To Help Open Up Your Eyes To The Kingdom of God!

Our desire is to see every person saved, healed and delivered.

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An Azusa Street Anointing and Testimony


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God Making A Bold Announcement Pentecost
2018 With A Great Shaking!

Revival Watch
If you know of a Revival coming to your area or anywhere else in the World. Please let us know and we will post it here. Revival's are about to Break out All over the World SOON!



Revivalists Josh and Lori Radford



Gary Indiana Revival on Pentecost 2018 on May 20th at:
The Rock Church

Revival Coming soon to: Jubilee Church Traing & Equipping Center
701 N Mur-Len, Olathe, Kansas 66062  


If you or a family member or a friend and in need of a FREE Prayer Cloth as in Act 19:11-12 I will send you one. Send in your Prayer request and mailing address to us by E-mailing Minister Robert Williams at:

If you could help out with Shipping & Handling just Donate of $5.00


Prophecy Alert: "Trump Threatens Team Gog" Russia, Iran, (Animal Assad)"4-9-18

Breaking News: "Israel Attacks Syria Airbase" 14 Dead Some Iranians 4-9-18

Prophecy “Does The Pope Represent The Catholic People”?
Pope Francis is quoted as saying "There is no Hell" 3-29-18

Prophecy Alert: “Avi Lipkin Approved New Political Party (The Bible Bloc Party)

A Dark Force Is Creeping In, Attempting To Stop A Mighty Move of God!


This is a very Powerful Message I did back on Feb. 12, 2012. Please Watch this video! Prophetic Warning of the Falling Away from Faith! What I feel that the Lord is telling us to get ready. You will start to see more Pastors and People lose their faith in God. And they will just walk away from the church and God.



Speak to the Storm Can storms hear? We know Jesus spoke to the wind and said to the water. Do you have FAITH to Speak to a Storm? Listen to this video to hear my testimonies on how I spoke to storms and tornadoes 3 times I have done this and they obeyed me. Do you need a FREE Prayer Cloth as in Acts 19:11-12? If so send in your prayer requests and mailing address and I will mail you one.

Prophetic Flow "LIVE" program with Prophet Robert Lee Williams & Prophet Mark Butler 4-13-18 This is a very Anointed program you will be blessed. We share what some of the things that God is up to in this hour. 4-13-18


I Enter The Holy of Holies

Anointing Fall On Me

Minister Robert Lee Williams was in Topeka, Kansas on Oct,21, 2017
doing an Ordation Service for
Minister Robert A. Shelby.
If you would like to watch the service go to
YouTube Click Here

Minister Robert Lee Williams did a wedding on 7-8-17
in Overland Park Kansas. If you need a Minister for your wedding please call.

If you have a Home Group and looking for a Guest Speaker or would like to start one up Please Call me for details.

God's Miracle Ministry is Growing in
Uganda & Kenya, Africa

We have a NEW Minister in Kenya Now! 3-27-18
Pastor Dennis Kamau he is from Kisii, Kenya
He is in need of some Bibles if you can help him out Please
mail them to him. Contact information on our
Contact page.

Here are more
New Minister's we are adding to our TEAM.

Minister Kasadue Derrick Shepperds Kampala, Uganda
Rebecca Kasumba, Fred Rubanga, Isaac Irinatwe  
Ben Cinsira, Kirungi Ronaldm, Dembe Geoffrey, Ronald Kirungi, Fred Mukisa

We are in need of Bible's to send to Uganda if you have any extra Bible's please mail them to us and if you can please send in a small donation to help with postage it a little expensive to send them over there. The people are real hungry for more of God.

Thank you and God Bless You All.

Our Goal is to have Minister's All over the World!

God's Miracle Ministry





Teaching on Spiritual Strongholds #1
The Haughty Spirit 2-21-18

List of Spiritual Strongholds

Haughty Spirit, Deaf & Dumb Spirit, Slumber Spirit, Divination Spirit, Familiar Spirit, Spirit of Fear, Spirit of Heaviness, Spirit of Jealousy,
Lying Spirit, Anti-Christ Spirit, Spirit of Poverty, Spirit of Bondage,
Spirit of Infirmity, Spirit of Whoredom, Spirit of Perversion

Do You want to be set FREE from these strongholds that Satan has put on You? If so watch all these video's when they come up here.

See the rest of the series by going to our youtube site click below

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Softly And Tenderly Jesus is Calling
Hugh P & Maria

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Request a FREE Anointed Prayer Cloth as in Acts 19:11-12


10 Feb. 2018 Certificate of Completion, Jubilee School of the 
Supernatural Healing School.
Jubilee Equipping Center, Jubilee Church Olatha, Kansas.

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Ordaination Service of Robert Shelby - Into
The Office of a Minister #1 10-21-17

Ordaination Service of Robert Shelby - Into
The Office of a Prophet #1 10-21-17

Click Here to see the whole Ordaination Service done my Minister by Minister Robert Lee Williams


NEW Ordination Program
God's Miracle Ministry are now Ordaining Minister's All over the World!
This program is now up and ready to go.  If you are interested in being an
Ordained Minister
Please Click Here

Will be on elegant 8x10 or 8.5x11 Certificate Paper



Jubilee Church Traing & Equipping Center
701 N Mur-Len, Olathe, Kansas 66062  

Sunday Services start at 10:30 am
School of the Supernatural 
Wednesday at 7 pm / Ministry Teaching Prophetic and Deliverance 


Pastors Dan and Cindie Crevier

Pastors Dan and Cindie both minister with a strong anointing, as they teach from the Word and equip and encourage us to be about the Fathers Business. We experience healings and answered prayer on a regular basis. Here at Jubilee we believe that every Christian young and old can minister. As we gather we are encouraged to practice our spiritual gifts in a safe environment. While other ministries entertain, this ministry is about training, equipping and activating believers to be strong in their faith and lives, to draw closer to the heart of the Lord and reach a hurting world for Jesus Christ.

NOTE: If your church is having an event and want it posted here just send your information to us at:


Consecrating Yourself to God 2-6-18
God has called me to Consecrate myself to Him. I was in a Healing class last night and in the book was a Prophetic word this is a part of it " for I will bring him forth in the very last days. He shall consecrate himself to Me even as he was consecrated as a child. He will not hearken to the voices that would hinder him, for he is separated unto the work whereunto I have called him." Watch this teaching and pass this video on.



WARNING!! Millions will go to HELL at one time! 1-13-18  

Speaking on a Dream of Millions of people going to Hell all at once, Another Prophet told me today 1-13-18 that he has had 3 dreams in a row that 3 missiles would hit Hawaii. He did not see the News today of a missile warning in Hawaii.

I have a dream that over 200 Angles would be coming to the Jubilee Church in Olathe Kansas. I would be a speaker there and the Angels would follow me around where ever I spoke. Miracles would be breaking out the floor of the church would be a the street of Gold as it is in Heaven. Another Prophet friend of mine in Dallas TX preached on Angles would be seen in churches. God is about to make a Big move in the World are you Right with Him?


NEW Teaching  Series on the
10 Day's of Awe 2017   


10 Days of Awe (Day 9) Sept. 29, 2017
(The Sin of Profanity)

The 10 Days of Awe (#8) 9-29-17
(The Sin of Unbelief)



10 Days of Awe (Day 7) Sept. 27,2017
(The Sin of Greed)

10 Days of Awe (Day 6) Sept. 26,2017
(The Sin of Lust)

We have over 260 PropheticTeaching and Dream Video's




WW3 in the Making | Irvin Baxter | End of the Age 2-21-18





Air Craft Carrier Sinking Warning Dream
I had back in 12-12-12

Sinking of an Air Craft Carrier Part 2


Prophetic Warning Dream to the United Nations 1-5-17

This dream was given to me on Jan. 2, 2017 to warn the United Nations and to the people of the world who are coming against Israel and Jerusalem.

(Sept. 29, 2017)



Wake Up America! - Dumitru Duduman at The Prophecy Club  

Dumitru Duduman was sent to warn America. The Angel Gabriel told him, "War in America will start with an internal revolution in America, started by the communists. Some of the people will start fighting against the government. The government will be busy with internal problems. Then, from the oceans, Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Central America, Mexico, and two other nations, will attack! The Russians will bombard the nuclear missile silos and America will burn." The nuclear missiles will land in California, Las Vegas, New York, and Florida.




Discerning the Times and Seasons"
Pastor T.C.. Hudgins  

Documentary on Hell

For More Updated News Stories & Prophetic Information & Teachings CLICK BELOW!

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A Must Watch Video 10-6-16

God's Final Warning  
To America the backslidden country of his grief sorrow and anger
Jeremiah 7:8-10King James Version

Pastor Robin Cameron


(Sept. 29, 2017)

New Video's From Minister Robert Lee Williams See (BELOW)

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We have over 240 PropheticTeaching and Dream Video's




True Worship Learn It Live It Teach It With
Demonstration Of God's Power


Learn True Thorn Room Worship-Jacob Toback


See the biblical keys that will usher in the Glory of God in your personal life and in the churches. This Hebrew keyword (Strong's Concordance (Hebrew & Caldee Dictionary, word 7812), holds the secret to releasing God's presence like a river flowing in you, your ministry and your church. God is not a respecter of persons so you can learn true throne worship by seeking God with all you heart, this is a revelation for accessing The Holy of Holies.


Other News Stories







Man Sees Unthinkable Horrors in Hell – Christians Being Tortured! (Mario Martinez)

Mario Martinez grew up in the projects on the east side of Los Angeles. His father was a drunkard who beat him regularly. Mario didn't know love. His father kicked him out of the house as a 10 year old boy. His life would spiral out of control, gangs, prison, drugs, witchcraft, sex, until one Friday night in 1994 God took him to hell and changed his life forever!




The Gates of Hell Are Opening 3-13-10

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